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A Poem for a Butterfly


Butterfly Sanctuary in Bohol, PH


You vulnerable creature,
Fly and wander.

From pupa you were
But beautiful you turned into
Still so delicate
As you were before.

How fulfilling it is
Seeing you fly around
Even with thin wings,
You soar high.

You beautiful creature,
Fly and wander.

How fulfilling it is
Seeing you fly around
Where it's so fresh,
so peaceful place.

Where happiness is real
Unknown reason of smiles
Unconciously exerted
But genuinely felt inside.

You may die,
Everything else
also will.

But the life you live
Of bringing happiness
Unknown source there is
We were unaware.

The place you chose
Where you can only live
Beautiful, clean
Nature it is.

© 2018 Sunrise

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