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Something . . . Different (Poem for Number 10)

Raizen is a high school student with numerous awards relating to poetry and literature as well a part of a school's literature publication.

What is this feeling?
Unquantifiable beyond meaning
Exceeding, all possible definition
Of something that can't be fathomed
Nor imagined. An Emotion
Without question, a mystery unsolved
For an eternity. Truly, you'll never see
Nor hear these words out loud

Still. I can't help wondering
How it could be, if only,
it was simply a little different.
The world turning in reverse
Spinning, eluding this universe.
A mathematical improbability
That could ever be, you and me
How silly. Utterly ridiculous

But I'm not laughing. Or am I?
Perhaps at myself. Or your reflection
A joke without a subject.
A Jester without a court.
But it's fine! As long as I keep you laughing
I can see that smile.
That kind yet mischievous smile.
Maybe then, you'll smile back

Perhaps the tricksters were right.
Perhaps this feeling is like a dagger.
Sharp and unbending. Hurtful.
But also, life saving. Satisfying
A craving that could never be filled.
Thrilled and thrilling.
Enthralling and Charming.
Until it plunges deep into your chest

I'd let it take root. Deep within myself
And if it ever hurts me, strains me,
Strangles me, ripping my very soul
I'd suffer in happiness, no matter the pain.
Yet. I'd keep this something.
This something . . . Different.
No matter how insignificant or small
Because it was yours. Because it was you.

© 2022 Raizen Richard Sanchez

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