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"Resolutions for 2019"

We all have resolutions at the beginning of each season , but the vast do not follow through with their plans, do your own research its scar

"Resolutions for 2019"

I would like to start by saying ,

Rest in peace all the beautiful souls we lost in 2018.

From now onwards we are elevating.

Goodbye to you year 2018.

Thanks to the Most High we are still alive.

Living to prosper not living only to survive.

Hello to you new year 2019.

We have nicknamed you 2000 and nice things.

No longer are we frightened

No longer are we fighting.

With what we wish to do have and be we are aligning.

We are giving it our all not holding back non of us are cowards.

We will act accordingly and we expect to rip the rewards.

We have found our happiness inwards.

We have made all these promises under the lights of the fire works.

That this year we will give it our best and reach our max.

We are moving forward and live behind all set backs.

This year we choose to be big thinkers.

No longer are we self grave diggers .

May we all have a blessed year.



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