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Poem About Emotions - the Hope When I Lost Your Embrace

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea

Poem about emotions

The rain fell hard tonight
Reminding me of one dreaded night
Close to thunder
The intensity of your voice
Your chosen words were so precise
Like despise, and everything intensified
And that is when you decided
You go left, I go right
When two egos collide
An awful crash
And the word is pride

I am insensitive
You are too jealous
I lack the initiative
To treat you like a princess
I do not want to communicate

How can we communicate
If you are always starting a debate

But, that is all over now
A painful memory from something I have invested
Invested so much
But crashed hard
Like the 2001 stock market
I'm not broke
Just broken

I can greatly relate
To every drop of rain
The words are heart broken

And this vodka is sweet
But your kisses are sweeter
You are my cardigan during winter
And let me tell you now, I miss you
Can we please talk
Can we please fix the issue?
Can we reconnect
Redirect your chosen course
Can we be lovers in paradise?
I’ll open back my heart
Reopen your doors

And yes
When two egos collide
The weakest breaks
And my weakness is you
And I shall repeat the phrase
I miss you
Is it too late?

I’ll continue this chase
I cannot erase the memory of your face
And how your lips tastes

But what I feel is more than lust
The definition is love
And right now
What I want
More than anything else
Is you take your place
By my side
Erase the space between us
And let’s restart
I need your warmth
None can ever replace
Even the slightest memory
Of your embrace

© 2020 Erl Sua