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Poem - You Were Asked

Nyesha loves writing about cooking/recipes, restaurants, movies, weddings, and poetry.


You Were Asked

You were asked

the question,

“Is your husband

kind to you?”

These were secure

and confidential

counseling services

but still,

You nodded your head

and left words unsaid.

You believe that you

can make it through.

He just gets angry sometimes.

All men do.

But how long will this go on?

Until the beer bottle is empty?

He is an angry drunk

and he will just go

and buy plenty

more alcohol

where that came from

to replenish

what is finished

and you will be left


if you should have

just offered

a more forthcoming

answer when

you were asked.

Maybe you could

have gotten some help,

learned about a resource.

Of course,

it is all hard to deal with alone

but remember that previously,

you were asked.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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