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Poem: You Are Like a Dream

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

"Your Arms Feel Like Home" by 3 Doors Down


It is refreshing
to be treated with respect,
to hear spoken words of desire,
to feel love
within each moment.

To see someone not act childish
pretending to ignore me,
someone who is not spiteful,
thinking only of himself.

Someone who truly cares for me
and what I accomplish,
choosing to be here
wanting all my dreams to come true.

Someone who desires only me,
wanting to share his world,
someone I can trust
with all my heart.

"I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me" by Katie Irving



BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on November 23, 2019:


Thank you.

I am delighted you like this one.

I enjoy putting the videos with my work. It helps to express the feeling within them.

Thank you for reading.

Fin from Barstow on November 22, 2019:

a nice little piece full of hope and promise.

interesting how you put the videos in too.