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Poem: Willing

My name is Candice Ballinger and I am a Christian woman who loves Jesus and his word.


A promiscuous woman once told me I was destined to die,

but that troubled soul didn't know where my heart calls home,

my God could relieve her of her sorrows

make a bowl of flowers;

for Jesus,

tell Him you want to know what I know

let Him dry your tears,

and go to war with your fears,

He will deliver you from all your wicked ways,

my savior is willing to never leave you

are you willing to take his hand?

as I pray,

Lord cherish this girl;

left in her brokenness,

forgive her many sins

show her your mercy and power

break away each of her chains,

protect her from the evil one, oh Lord

for he attacks her day and night,

let Jesus descend upon her soul

wrapping her in holy light;

finally making her feel whole.

Foolish People

Wicked people care only for themselves

lashing out at those who threaten their way of life,

opinions are overused and overrated;

they are spiritually blind and deaf,

for they see but they don't comprehend

they hear, but they do not recognize the truth,

their own mouths ruin them,

bringing shame to their doorsteps

showing others no mercy,

but expecting the latter in return,

they trip over their own lies

spitting through clenched teeth;

biting ones tongue in sinful defeat,

they ruin their chances to live greatly

then yell and blame it on the wind

keep from these hopeless deeds

be of great kindness,

and share all of your good joys with the Lord.

© 2022 Candice Ballinger

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