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Poem: Which Do We Like Best: Online Shopping or In Store Bargains

Article Summary

"Which Do We Like Best: Online Shopping or In Store Bargains" is my response for Week 42 word prompt.

The first one us about those Black Friday Sales and rushing to grab that perfect gift.

The second one tells how satisfying it is to shop inside a store.

The third one is about men waiting for the last minute to xmas shop.

"Last Minute Christmas Shopping With Dad ~ Vlog Creations"


Black Friday Rush

I remember those days
when I tossed off the covers
before the sun peaked over the horizon,
bundling up warm,
standing outside in the freezing temperatures.

A herd of people
waiting to make that mad dash
when the doors opened
the day after Thanksgiving
to get those “Black Friday” deals.

Carefully watching for a stampede
as you fight the crowd,
hoping to snag the item
before it sold out.

Thank goodness
I’ve come to my senses,
no longer feeling the urge
to keep up with this madness
in the chilly artic air.

Instead, I’m warm and comfy
sitting in my favorite chair,
browsing the internet
splurging on those fantastic deals.


In-Store Shopping

She touches the fabric against her skin
as she checks the quality of the material,
then rushes to the dressing room
to try on the attire.

She sees the reflection in the mirror
confirming its proper fit,
noting each important detail
she misses when she shops online.

She feels an instant gratification
finding that perfect gift
or spotting something she can’t live without,
as she walks up to the counter
and checks out.

Then she walks to her car
smiling along the way,
carrying her shopping bags
feeling a song in her heart,
knowing there’s no better way
to bargain hunt.


Xmas Shopping Ritual by Men

Shopping is a chore he hates
but you’d think just once
he’d remember before it’s too late.

Yet here he goes
trudging out the door on Christmas Eve,
at a minute past four
to find the perfect gifts
when the stores close at six.

Then quick as flash
he’s back in the drive
with a handful of boxes,
boasting how he finished with time to spare,
until the next morning
when he watches you open your presents
and nothing fits.


I shop,


I am

— Heather Chandler

"Walter's Holiday Cheer ~ Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special" by Jeff Dunham