Poem -- When You Have a Naughty Cat

Updated on January 19, 2018

I once had a living room that was decorated nice

But when you have a cat, you have to think twice.

I did have a telly to watch my favourite shows

And a comfy settee covered in nice throws,

But the throws all got ripped and the telly fell flat

You can’t have nice things when you have a naughty cat!

The room was very homely, comfortable and cosy

But the trouble is with cats is that they can be very nosey!

My ornaments sat nicely, the glowing fireplace below

That was until my furry child decided they had to go!

One by one they fell with a crack, smash, splat

You can’t have nice things when you have a naughty cat!

They helped me strip the wallpaper, I didn’t need to ask

In the end, I must admit, it was quite an easy task!

Unlike putting the new one up, well that was just a waste

You can’t get much done if your cat is in the paste!

So, sure enough I told myself, ‘you can forget about that,

You can’t have nice things when you have a naughty cat!’

I bought a nice new tree with Christmas being near

But let me tell you this, I won’t be getting one next year!

Instead of pretty lights, I found to my surprise,

Lighting up the broken branches were a mischievous set of eyes!

They won’t be on Santa’s nice list, I can assure you of that

You can’t have nice things if you have a naughty cat!

I now have a living room that is rather bare

They can’t ruin anything if there’s nothing there!

I sit on the floor where she curls up on my knee

Then nuzzles my face and purrs to say that she loves me

You’ll always have their love, there’s no doubt about that

That’s one nice thing you can have when you have a naughty cat!

© 2018 Ellie Dolan-Yates


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    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 3 months ago

      Awww. I've got three naughty cats. But they also love to purr and snuggle. Spoiled little things. But wouldn't want to give them up. Cute poem.