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Poem: When Music Said Hello


I believe that music understands us and even if we don't understand, we can feel the emotions. Music helps to turn things around. A great reminder to keep positive and to remember that we aren't the only ones with problems. Here is a poem to demonstrate the healing power of music.

When Music Said Hello

Just the other day,

I stood by the open window,

The air around me, still and dry,

Twirled to your melodious hello.

Your lyrics expressed my feelings,

From deep within,

It waltzed away my worries,

Brought to life, stagnant toes and fingers.

Such sweet tune,

Cleansed away the dust,

Feeding on my soul,

Planting it with nourishing notes.

It takes a simple melody,

To liven up your spirits,

Arrange your thoughts-rhythm in order,

To embrace the music in everything you do.

© 2019 Li-Jen Hew