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Poem: What's It Gonna Take?

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

What's It Gonna Take is a poem about what it's gonna take to prove his love. Why can't she see the sparkle shining? Why does she drift out to sea when he's standing on the shore? Doesn't she realize he would give her the stars to make her happy? Why must she be like the Tinman, without a heart?

"Garth Brooks - To Make You Feel My Love"

Word Prompt, "Proof"

I decided to try another one on the word prompt, "Proof."

It is about how he tries to prove his love, but she is like the Tinman without a heart.

Sometimes it is hard to convince someone you really love them.

This isn't one of my best, but I wanted to toss out another approach.

It is different from the 100 proof one I wrote earlier.


What's It Gonna Take?

What’s it gonna take

to prove my love for you?

A heartache, a river full of tears

or just a penny for my thoughts.

Why can’t you see the sparkle shine like I do?

Why must you wade too far out in the deep currents

when I’m on shore waiting to take your hand?

Can’t you feel the heat

melting those chains away?

Can’t you hear my sweet words

cutting those bars of steel?

Don’t you realize I’d give you the stars

twinkling in the night sky

just to make you smile?

Why must you be stone cold, like the Tinman

suffering each day

without a heart,

when I’m right in front of you

proving my love every day?


"Miranda Lambert - Tinman"



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