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Poem: True Magic ‘Love’

Nkundimana Dieudonne, is a passionate writer of poems that might help readers.

Tell me truthfully with honesty

I’ll ask, please answer me dear

Answer me with all your heart

For it’s a matter of heart felt

More than the brain logics

For it can clear my confusion

Giving me freedom and peace.

Tell me why for I believe in you

Tell me why for you know more

Why it destroys yet we seek it

For it have made many crumble

Others turning into psychopaths

Yet others believe it’s amazing

Cause it gives the best feeling.

They say it’s magical and sincere

It’s magical, I can’t help but accept

It has this way of pulling people

Separating them from their rationality

Without their free will of course

I can’t help but wonder dear

If this is not black magic?

True Magic

Tell me for you know far more

The spell of this black magic

For it cannot be a fair magic

Without corresponding with logic

Without making analytical points

The spell that strengthens bonds

Breaking others for lifetime.

It takes you on its wings you said

But I cannot help but wonder,

How many have fallen from them

Being a victim of their fantasies

Falling apart, as a result of them

But I have realized the truth

Maybe we took the bird to be a plane.

It can make you undeniably happy

Making you cry hard with content

Cause it feels like fresh air in lungs

And a hard rain in the hot desert

It’s unexplainable I was told,

Yet once you find it, it brings hope

And rush of confusing emotions.

True Magic

I know well it’s a matter of heart felt

For we can feel it but never see it

For it is not justified by actions alone

But the sensation in your body,

Those butterflies in your tummy

That drumming beating heart

Drawing a line between life and existence.

With it we’re blooming flowers

Full of life, ready to bear fruits

Or yet wither from sun rays

It is yet the most wonderful thing

For it can give life bearing hope

But also, it is highly destructive

For it can demolish personalities.

Many have tried defining it

But yet never grasping it

It does not take a genius to know

Cause it is far from analysis,

But yet it lives close to our hearts

Where it has stated its mark

Making us unable to chase it

For it comes slowly as a snail

Undetectable as spies,

Quiet as a summer wind.

True Magic

It never grasps circumstances

It can let us die thirsty in a desert

While it harbors the quencher

And that is where it becomes painful.

I have been told senselessly

That it is wonderful and amazing

Amazing masses of people all over

That it is despicable and painful

Destroying hearts and leaving pain

And yet everyone craves for it

And that is what makes it magical.

It is the craved and feared l-word

It is not lame but love,

The two-sided coin, love

For it brings happiness and sadness

It is despised and altogether craved

It is the magical word, love.

For it can make some withes

Leaving others to be wizards

Casting spells to the magic less

Bounding them in a strong web

Where they can find a way in,

But losing a way out,

And it’s nevertheless magical.

© 2021 Dieudonne Nkundimana

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