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Poem: Treasured Artwork In A Silhouette


Treasured Artwork In A Silhoutte

Questions used to cause biting nails.

And you thought the world was a thief,

Words only threatened to steal your identity,

But the mirror you saw made you feel empty.

Curiosity lets them know something about you,

Not the road to your stomach or heart,

Who knows your sleeping pattern, the way you breathe in air,

You’re a treasured artwork in a silhouette.

Change so that the rain goes away,

Or be the sunshine that remains,

A rainbow thanks you for being you,

Don’t hide your sunshine or be ashamed.

Brief explanation

I just wanted to show that vulnerability makes us feel naked when we open ourselves to other people in the first stanza. We begin to think that we're only defined by that thing we've shared with them therefore forgetting who we are. It's not the words they say about us that have impacted us more, but it's our vulnerability-looking into the mirror, feeling empty. Second stanza is when people get to know us but they don't know us better than ourselves thus the sleeping pattern. They know us on the surface-the reason why I put silhouette. We are much more than that.

© 2020 Li-Jen Hew

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