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Poem Translated from Bengali: 'Uncle's Machine' (by Shri Sukumar Roy)

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Machine of an incredible type has been invented
by Chandidas's uncle—
Everyone, whenever they're hearing the news, is
applauding him, and saying "Bravo!".
When uncle was very young—only a few years
old—one day he started crying in a terribly
high pitch of sound, uttering the word "Goong-gaa!".
Other children utter nonsensical words
like 'mama' 'gaga'; hearing the word
"Goong-gaa", people got astonished.
Everyone said, "This child, if he survives
to a mature age, will become something in this
world by the sheer strength of his amazing brainpower".
That very uncle has invented this machine
using his very own intelligence (without copying
anyone else's idea),
Five hours journey you'll cover in one and a
half hours.
I've just returned after examining the machine: it's
very simple and straightforward,
If you reverse engineering the machine
in five hours, you'll get the exact idea.
How can I express the devilish deception that this
machine employs; I'm at a loss for proper words,
The machine grabs your shoulders,
and fits perfectly.

At the frontal side of the machine, hangs
foods of types various, according to people's
individual likings—
Sweets, snacks, wholesome food, or ice cream (et
Mind says 'I shall eat this I shall eat this', mouth
automatically displaces towards the delicious food;
But the food also displaces, at the same pace, with
the mouth that wants to devour it.
In this way, by the sheer pull of you greed, watching
at your food,
You'll lose track of your consciousness, by the pull
of your fillip, and you'll be running forward
on and on.
The first few miles you'll cover
without the slightest feeling of any laborious exertion,
Maddened by the aroma of the food, getting submerged
in your own uncontrollable saliva.
Everyone sings in chorus, neighborhood's
teenagers, adults, olds;
Everlasting legacy has been built on earth, by
Chandidas's brilliant uncle.

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