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Poem: Tragedy Mocks

My name is Candice Ballinger, and I am a published author and poet.


Tragedy Mocks

They are mocking my pain

can't you see their evil plans,

scheming this whole time;

to tear me down

and ruin my castle,

I am broken down

and out of sight,

losing hope

and forgetting my time,

it has come to the end

never sure or kind to men

leave me stained,

shattered and torn

I don't need your hand

I need your bitter sword,

cut me deep

skin me alive,

such a magnificent hill

the drop hits so steep,

blame me this morning

shame me to hades,

I know I'm not wanted

but you don't have to whine

I'm leaving tonight,

don't look in my direction

my eyes tell the truth

what an ugly sight.

© 2021 Candice Yates