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Poem: Too Afraid To Feel

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Too Afraid to feel is a poem about how she feels after she has been betrayed & hurt by him, but he wants her back. She wants to hide away but she misses his hugs. She wants to enjoy life but she can't see a rainbow. She wants to believe in him, but she can't forget the hateful words he spoke.

"I Won't Last A Day Without You" by The Carpenters


Too Afraid To Feel

She wants to curl up in a ball
and never come out,
to hide from the pain
she is feeling.

She wants to feel his magic hugs
chasing the turmoil away,
but they are full of anger
leaving her in despair.

She wants to stop crying
but she cannot,
she wants to smile and laugh
but she is too weak,
she wants to enjoy her life
but she can't see the rainbow.

She wishes he had not changed
but she cannot turn back the clock,
she misses his loving arms around her
but she cannot forget the hatred
in the words he spoke.

She wants to believe in him
but she cannot bear this pain in her heart,
she wants to feel alive again
but she is too afraid
to take a chance.

"Nobody Knows" by Kevin Sharp



BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on February 05, 2021:


That is some great advice. One does not want to feel he didn't give his all...or at least see if love is really there.

It's a hard call...sometimes ya just gotta toss the coin.

Thank you & have a great evening.

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Poets on February 05, 2021:

No doubt it is hard to give someone another chance,the reason behind is that the trust breaks, and you don't want to suffer from the same period once again anytime later in life.. But in my opinion if you love that person then you must provide them another chance.... Love has the power to move mountains... But this is also true that even after giving them a chance, they still want to go or make you feel hurt then let them walk away... So that anytime later in life , you will not feel guilty that you did something wrong... Love stays alive in hearts, physical appearance is not important for true love that is what i think...evn if they are not with you and you love them the love will still stay alive... Correct me if Iam wrong.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on February 05, 2021:

It's hard to give someone another chance

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on September 16, 2019:

Thank you, Lorna.

I think sometimes it is better to walk away, although you will still feel pain in that too.

Thanks for reading.

Lorna Lamon on September 16, 2019:

This powerful poem shows the turmoil and fear of giving someone another chance. Sometimes it's better to walk away.

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