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Poem: Today is the Day

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Brenda's such a creative writer. Again, she has come up with another interesting word prompt and there's so much to be done with the word "Today". Today could be the day, become better, get a job, own a company, buy your dream could be the day you have it all...or maybe not. It's entirely up to you to live it as you want it.

I hope you all like my response and I look forward to reading all the beautiful responses to the prompt.


Today is the day that we look to yesterday as the past.

Today is the that we look to tomorrow as a dream.

I will immerse myself in all that is present today.

For all that has gone cannot return.

And what comes is still unknown, whether it's strife or a smile.

Today, don't drown yourself in the sorrow of the past or uncertainty of the future.

No matter what has happened, today has been given, it has come, it's a new day.

Live one day at a time.

Don't be afraid today.

Choose to become better today.

Live for today

Survive today.

Make today amazing.


Things to do Today

Choose to become better today.

Visit somewhere you've never been today.

Learn words in a new language today.

Try a new food today.

Create a positive environment today.

Surround yourself with people that matter today.

Read a book today.

Call a Friend today.

Plant some flowers today.

Celebrate your small wins today.

Count your blessings today.

Show love and kindness today.

Watch the sunrise today.

Just breathe!

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