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Poem: Timeout

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

"Time Out" is a poem about how she is having one of those days. She doesn't want to climb out of bed to start her day. She goes through the motions and gets dressed, but sits on the sofa becoming immersed in a football game on televison. She takes a timeout.

"You Deserve A Break ~ Watch This." by Rebekah Mack



She is having one of those days,

where she struggles

to get anything accomplished.

From the moment her eyes peer open,

she wishes to stay in bed

hiding beneath the covers.

In slow motion, she trudges

her feet along the cold bare floor

toward a tiny kitchen

where vittles await her arrival.

Then it’s off to the steam room

to blast her skin with the high powered sprayer

making her beauty come back to life

leaving “Frankie - the sister of Frankenstein" behind her.

Feeling refreshed,

she dresses in layers

to suit the unseasonably cool weather,

but hesitation fills her soul.

She plops down on a comfy sofa

as her blue eyes become immersed

with the game on the screen,

watching as players toss a football

across a snow covered field,

she takes a timeout.


take it all one day at a time

and enjoy the journey.

— kristi bartlett

"Take It Easy" by The Eagles


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