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Poem: The Value of Respect

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

"The Value of Respect" is my response for "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 49 (Respect)."

Each poem shows a level of respect or disrespect with a lesson to be learned.

Respecting one's elders seems liks a value that is lost, but is most important.

Learning a lesson in respect the hard way.

Sometimes we speak in hateful tones forgetting the ones we hurt along the way.

We all need self-respect to survive.

"Humble & Kind" ~ Tim McGraw


Respect ~ An Acrostic Poem

Regard your elders with honor
Embrace each encounter
Showing gratitude
Polite words in all situations
Empathize while listening
Compliment others
Take no one for granted


Lesson in Respect

She remembers being a young child
when her lips uttered an inappropriate saying
to a visitor in their home.

When quickly she was taught
the meaning of respect
with that bar of soap
tasting a bit bitter.

No disrespect
ever crossed her lips
with that dire warning
set in stone.



Back in the day,
children respected their elders
holding them in high regard.

Today streets are filled
with children who dishonor
each and every one.

Wisdom is tossed out the window
like a bone to a dog
with no dignity.

Carelessly living life
thinking they have the answers
not caring about the pain they inflict.


Value of Respect

Don’t tarry long,
nothing comes back twofold,
make each moment count.

Admire the face
in the mirror
holding it in high regard,
it’s important
to success in the long run.

Treat others with dignity
respecting their rights,
for the value of forgiveness
brings glory.

"Respect Each Other" ~ yan lynn Htike


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