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Poem: The Music of You

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A former family therapist, Mark is an author, humorist, poet, and short-story writer who enjoys a good comedy.


Her Love of Fifties Music

In addition to growing up in Santa Paula, California with Mexican and Spanish melodies, my mother-in-law loved much of the popular fifties music. It was an era defined by beautiful harmonies, strong voices, and catchy tunes. Unlike, some of the songs in the sixties and seventies, you could clearly hear the words being sung. There are very few people who love music as much as she does and I felt it to be apropos to express her musical life through a poem.

Poem: The Music of You

If your music could talk,

it would tell me

about your spirit.

It would speak to me

about your dreams,

the childhood songs

of pink lemonade and

yellow and orange daffodils,

the moment your starry eyes

saw that curly-haired kid in overalls.

Your songs would tell me

about the laughter

in your house,

the stories

your uncles shared,

the fresh empanadas

from the oven,

Granny doing cartwheels

and splits on the dance floor.

All those 45s and LPs

spinning on your Magnavox,

heartthrobs strumming

Spanish guitars,

Elvis and Jerry Lee

at the sock hops

rocking in the school cafeteria.

I hear your music

sweet and clear,

coming through

your bedroom window

from the squeezebox man

to the doves serenading you.

I hear the songs of love and adventure

sailing down the coastal highway

in your boyfriend’s white chariot

with the top down.

Music playing all day

in and around your head,

the rhythm of the rustling palm trees,

the melody of the whispering Santa Paula winds,

static at times on the AM radio,

but your vinyl never skipped

a beat.

YouTube Poem: The Music of You

© 2018 Mark Tulin