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Surf Poem: The Maleficent Curl

A former family therapist, Mark is an author, humorist, poet, and short-story writer who enjoys a good comedy.


The Maverick's

The Maverick’s are some of the most treacherous waves in the world, and they have ended the careers of many talented surfers in the world. The waves can crest as high as 60-feet.

The Maverick is located in northern California in a little village called Princeton-by-the-Sea, north of Half Moon Bay. When there is a strong winter storm on the Pacific Ocean, it increases Maverick wave size drastically, attracting some of the most famous surfing risk-takers in the world.

The Maverick can be deadly. Brilliant surfers such as Mark Foo and Sion Milosky have lost their lives there.

Enjoy my ode to the great and scary Maverick's.

Poem: The Maleficent Curl

I am the biggest devil you ever saw,

said the cresting Maverick with a left-handed curl.

I’m maleficent, a shark-infested storm,

sixty-feet tall as I thunder ashore.

I’m arrogant, treacherous as I roll,

cutting close to the jagged rocks,

a kaleidoscope of swirling winds,

demons crossed at each break and curve.

I laugh when those half-crazed cowboys

attempt to ride my back on a board.

They haven’t a chance to harness my power

as I drag them below the water’s surface, forever.

I’ll ruin a poor man’s dreams and hopes,

even the most courageous won’t survive

from a dreadful fate; their lifeless souls

fished out by the Maverick water patrol.

I grunt and swallow, hiss and spray

with the strength of a monster whale.

I’m a tidal wave,

long and high and land-sliding,

as evil as the breath of a dragon’s snarl.

© 2020 Mark Tulin

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