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Poem: The King’s Grace

The King's Grace

The King's Grace

This is my story as I stand and live

As I walked miles and stumbled steps

Only being pulled up, pushed forward

This is my life as a deceitful human

A human full of conspiracies,

A human full of hate and vengeance

A walking robot with no conscience

Known for being as the villain,

But that life came to change,

That villain heart, cold as ice

The one many believed was lost

Came miraculously back to life

My heart, my soul were saved

Non-tamable heart was tamed

The lost soul was retrieved

My whole being was saved then

For I got my knight in shining armour

His shining armour brought light

It brightened my dark days

It brought a smile on my lips

That remained imprinted on

I got my prince and king I a row

I was saved by his authority

His love, devotion and mercy

For his love endures forever

And his mercy never fails.

By his mercy I was raised

Raised from my chain of sins

For I was the lost sheep

The prodigal son of the house

Housing all sins that I could

For I knew then that I was cursed

I was a permanent resident of Sodom

The city of sin, the cursed city

The city that need no mercy

For it knew no right apart from sin

And I was its citizen, unworthy of mercy

Unworthy of love and devotion

But I still was saved from drowning

In the darkest sea of sin and sorrow

But I was saved from the dark cold sea

I was saved from the prison of regrets

The prison that brought sorrows

Sorrows that drained my heart of life

The one that made me a walking dead

Merely existing but not living

I thought I was super happy

Yet every time I was regretful.

But now I know definitions

Defining undeniable happiness

The happiness full of life

The happiness without regrets

The happiness of those with a saviour

The happiness without borders

The one that springs good luck

I was saved from a dungeon

And now I know his support

His forever presence in my life

His stated claim on my life

And now I know and I can tell

From morning till evening

How I was saved from hell’s fire

I remember the flames in a distance

Waiting to catch me, burn me

But then he came and pulled

He cleansed me of all my sins

And sent me free from all my load.

The one loaded heart was free

And now I can see I live by his mercy

But also undeniably by his grace

I am now a walking testimony

A living believing preacher

For I preach what I endured

For I learnt by experience

It was a heartfelt experience

Moving me from one city to another

From Sodom to Jerusalem

From the city of death and temptations

To the city of salvation and hope

I was saved by an almighty king

My king, my saviour, my confidence

Because of him I became a human

Full of humanity and happiness

I live with graces grading my life

I live because he lives, my king.

By Dieudonne Nkundimana.

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