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Poem: A Wandering Goat by the Sea

Mark Tulin is a baseball fan from Philadelphia, PA. He has four books of poetry and one short story collection, available on Amazon.


A Pet Goat

I've read that goats make good pets, especially the smaller ones. However, I'm not suggesting people trade in their dogs and cats for a goat. Some warnings are in order. Goats need a lot of attention, plenty of space, and can get extremely jealous. In other words, a high-maintenance pet.

Enjoy this poem, A Wandering Goat by the Sea. Also, check out my Youtube video poem of the same title.

Poem: A Wandering Goat by the Sea

The kid follows a sandy trail

by the ocean’s edge

Surprises the canines

and their owners

with his hooves, small tail

and pointed head


and goateed,

he is an alien

in the new world,

once raised for his milk, meat, and skin

now an adorable pet

for the upwardly mobile set

The pet goat can only bleat,

make a nagging plea

and complain about his strange

domestic life by the sea,

searching for his elusive herd

that’s nowhere in sight

He yearns for a partner in crime,

a friend to jump over rocks,

tear up a fence,

eat a vegetable garden,

or graze the sloping hills,

creating havoc in the countryside.

© 2020 Mark Tulin

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