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Poem: The Abyss

Reading is a series of human emotions. Writing is the gift of sharing these emotions.


Feels like sinking into the bottom of the ocean;
Drowning in fear
Of the blood clots in my eyes,
Of the cyst buried below the nape of my neck,
Of the itchy marks spreading on my skin,
Of the damages these have caused me.

I constantly swim towards the surface,
To breathe,
To seek salvation,
To cry and be heard,
But I keep on plummeting as my unforeseen future pulls me down.

Underneath the black ocean of the abyss,
I can’t breathe,
I can’t seek salvation,
And I can’t cry for help.
Seems that my future wants to bury me in the deep south,
And I wonder why…

Was it the lack of self-love?
Or was it the lack of solemn prayer?
Was it my dangerous mind?
What kind of sins am I being punished for?
Or are you testing my faith?

If I deserve a heartbeat,
If I deserve the sun to shine on me,
If I deserve to see the stars that accompany the moon at night,
Don’t let me drown;
Pull me up to the surface.

There are three drops of heaven who are constantly clearing my path;
There are seven therapeutic gifts who serve as medicine.
These 10 pillars of strength,
They allow me to crawl when I can’t walk,
And to run when I can’t fly.
So, please…
Don’t leave me swimming endlessly in the black ocean of the abyss.

© 2021 Shey Saints

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