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Poem: Teddy


Teddy has always been my childhood best friend,

And protected me in a bubble of purity and innocence,

One day, I grew too big and burst the bubble,

Only to find myself wandering in the world of troubles.

There was a hint of sadness in Teddy’s shiny black beady eyes,

As if it was about to cry heavy beads of tears twice the size of its eyes,

I assured Teddy that everything we read in the news was not real,

And tears that trickled down my cheeks were happy pearls.

I told Teddy,

Robbery was a specialised game of hide and seek,

And so was kidnapping, you had to be on your feet,

The lost dog was wagging its way to the lost and found,

The mad men without masks were part time clowns,

Red blood was really rose petals in their liquid states,

Lines and shades of pain were red paint strokes and stains,

People were never gone but were housed in their loved ones’ hearts,

And I shut the newspaper with a loud thud,

Because they lived happily ever after.

Teddy’s eyes finally twinkled,

And deep inside, I could see innocent laughter.

© 2018 Li-Jen Hew

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