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Poem: Tainted Water

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Tainted water is a poem about him waking up not feeling good. He fears he is getting Covid-19 but he has not left his house. Then he remembers an article he read. He conjures up fears that the virus could be tainting the water.

"Dewine Discusses Wastewater Testing by NBC4 Columbus"



Tainted Water

A sudden hacking sound

wakes him up in the middle of the night

feeling a dull steady ache over every inch of his body.

His eyes are watery

with stuffy nasal passages,

a mild sore throat

which makes him fear the worse.

He’s drawing a blank

lost in this reasoning,

sitting at home was supposed to be safe

now there is no where left to hide.

He remembers reading

the city is testing wastewater,

sending his thoughts on overdrive,

conjuring up visions of the virus winning the war

against the chemicals.

If the reservoirs are toxic

the whole town is infected,

no mask can defend them

from the water supply system.

Does Not Represent the Truth

The scenario portrayed inside this poem is by no means the truth. It is only a picture of one's vivid imagination.

"Record Herald - FCPH explains COVID indicators



BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on December 04, 2020:


Thank you so much for your kindness.

It is a sad time in our world. Many people are afraid and stay home completely alone refusing to even ask for help.

Take care and enjoy this day.

Gabriel Wilson from Madeira, Portugal on December 04, 2020:

It's sad that many people feel like that right now, scared and worried and alone. Contaminated water for some is a daily battle, I was astounded by that havening visited Africa. Let your imagination run Brenda and never apologise for it. Thank you x

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on December 03, 2020:


Thank you for your compliment.

I sincerely hope this never happens...that would be one heck of a horror movie.

Take care.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on December 03, 2020:


Sorry...my imagination can get carried away sometimes.

But hey...I like to believe in fairy tales too.

Have a great day gal.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on December 03, 2020:


Thank you for your kind blessing. It is always appreciated.

Unfortunately, fear is a real thing right now for many.

Take care.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on December 03, 2020:

Dream on,

We are very fortunate to have a testing system to regulate our water. I feel for those who do not.

Have a great night.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on December 03, 2020:


Fear definitely is a big part of everyone's life right now.

I am praying this turns around as quickly as it crossed the globe.

Take care.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on December 03, 2020:

This is a dramatic poem. I like your imagination! I enjoyed the story in the poem, but I hope our drinking water never becomes dangerous.

Rosina S Khan on December 03, 2020:

I an glad drinking water getting tainted with the virus is not true and is just your imagination. I almost believed it. Thank God. Hope he overcomes his fears and doesn't get paranoid from too much worry about COVID. Thanks for sharing, Brenda.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on December 03, 2020:

This is a heartbreaaking poem, and I hate to think of anyone living with that fear. God bless you and him, Brenda.

DREAM ON on December 03, 2020:

Hopefully, it is not what is about to happen in the future. Every day I realize how important our clean drinking water is and in third world countries they are not as fortunate. Nice write and always keeping us thinking. Have a great night.

manatita44 from london on December 03, 2020:

Granted, but fear can also do this to us. Life is so traumatic for so many right now. Stay well and blessed, my Dear. Keep praying for us all.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on December 03, 2020:


This is true.

Anytime I cough...I see others glare at me.

I think our imaginations can run wild with this one.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Enjoy this Christmas season.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on December 03, 2020:


I guess you are correct. I had not thought about it that way.

Have a wonderful Christmas season and stay safe.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 03, 2020:

There are some countries where the water is not safe to drink, so this is not such a fictitious scenario for some people. Most of us do not have to fear our drinking water.

Liz Westwood from UK on December 03, 2020:

This is a great illustration of how the pandemic and fear of it can invade the subconscious and fill us with a neurotic fear. Any symptom that could possibly be COVID has us all fearing the worst.

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