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Poem: Stage Fright

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

"Stage Fright" describes the feeling she has when she is overcome with fear as she speaks in front of a crowd.

She hears a quiver shake in her voice and wants to run and hide but her feet feel as if they are glued to the floor.

She remembers granny saying to picture the audience in underwear and it actually works.

"Barbara Streisand discusses her ongoing battle with stage fright as she readies for an upcoming tour" by AP ARCHIVE


"Stage Fright"

A feeling of queasiness
in the pit of her stomach,
skin flustered, burning hot,
taking a sip of water,
gasping one deep breath.

She fearfully staggers upon the stage
standing in front of the mic,
but hears a quiver shaking in her voice
as she begins to utter words.

She wants to run and hide
but it feels as if her feet
are glued to the floor,
when she remembers granny saying
“to picture them in underwear.”

She believes this is waste of time
but has nothing left to lose,
when suddenly the words come tumbling out,
and the corners of her lips turn up,
for ole granny
knew a thing or two.

Everyone gets stage fright. Embrace it and make it work for you or it will work against you.

— Ruth Sherman


"How I Beat Stage Fright" by Joe Kowan


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