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Poem : Stage Fright

Poem : Stage Fright

Will I have a safe place

to put my belongings?

No, there are no lockers here.

That mirror is forgiving, though.

The one on the wall over there.

On that chair is your costume,

laid out, washed and pressed.

I know that you are nervous

but you must try to not show your stress.

Yes, try as I might to ignore it,

I notice that you are having

significant stage fright.

Take some deep breaths

and relax.

You are blessed.

Is there anything else

that you are in need of?

All you have to do is ask.

Oh and here, do not forget

to put on your mask.

I will be just above.

I will look down

from the balcony.

Don't worry.

The audience will be kind

and they will be full

of praise and love

for your performance.

They will make you

feel like royalty.

You will have much endurance.

That is the staying power

in this business.

Now it is time

to take a shower,

then get dressed.

The curtains will go up soon.

The show time is at noon.

We do not want any lateness.

Always remember that you are blessed.

You are blessed with great talent,

my dear.

I am certain that you will persevere

but you will need to mitigate

this stage fright.

It is a bit severe.

© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH