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Poem "Sister's Fight"

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Mar is a child educator and an English lit graduate who enjoys reading and writing poems, articles, and short stories on various topics.

Shoutout to a Sisterhood

Sister, someone who steals your clothes and money, fights with you for no valid reasons, someone who is always jealous of your accomplishments and looks, but will tear apart in sadness whenever see you in any harm or stress. She is a Mother if the older, but a Grandmother if the Younger.;)

She is your best buddy, Your worst enemy, she is, your "Sister".

Poem Starts below;


"Sister's Fight"

I heard a screaming voice

Thunderous, with sharp noise

The younger said , I do have

A better taste of choice

I'm good at things, everyone says

The older replied with a fierce phrase

I'm loved by mum, admired by dad

The younger exhaled, Cause you are bad


She felt a jerk and pain in her back

She was hit with a shoe, taken from the rack

The older then cried calling the mum

While mum was arriving,

she hit back, younger's bum

Dishes were scattered, broken was toast

mum started screaming as she saw two ghosts

BE AWARE, all you sensitive misters

whenever sees some Fighting Sisters



Video-Graphic Presentation Below;

© 2021 Mar

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