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Poem-Silence the Mind and Be at Peace-Response to Brenda Arledge’s Word Prompt

I love poetry. I am a lifestyle enthusiast and like to write articles and poems on lifestyle changes that benefit people.

silence is golden

silence is golden

The Power of Silence

Negativity can cause havoc in one's life and affect our physical and mental health. At such times one has to take stock of reality and not give in to imaginary fears and dreadful thoughts. When overwhelmed by unwanted thoughts, it is helpful to silence the mind and try methods like meditation. This can not only relax but heal a troubled mind. Silent introspection can help us find meaning and purpose in everyday life.

Spending even a short time every day in silence increases motivation levels greatly. Physical and mental changes can be observed within a few days of the practice. Creativity flows in silent surroundings, cognitive functions increase, performance and productivity also increase with regular practice of silent contemplation.

Studies have shown that being in a silent environment on a daily basis even for a short time increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence, empathy, improves critical thinking and decision-making skills. So, we should make it a point to spend some time every day in silent introspection after a stressful day at work for our physical and mental well-being and overall health and productivity.

Silent Introspection

Silent Introspection

Word Prompts Help Creativity/Week 18 : "Silence"

This poem is in response to Brenda’s word prompt “Silence” for this week. Brenda gives us wonderful word prompts every week. We get a chance to exercise our creative muscle. She is a wonderful poet herself and inspires us with her creative work. As I saw the article about the word prompt on my feed a bit late, I could not deliberate much and have come up with a modest output. We look forward to her word prompts every week and I hope she and my other hubber friends like my response to this week’s word prompt.

When thoughts like waves

Lash on relentlessly

Memories painful

Like rocks on the shore

Undisturbed by the waves

Remain silent and cold

Past seem to merge

With the present

Like the day

With the night at twilight

And the future ahead

is but darkness of the night

Do not lose hope and give up

Do not let this fantasy

Created by your mind

Devour your sanity

And destroy your soul

Fight the fear, anger and despair

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

— Buddha

They are but a fallacy of a troubled mind

Silence those untoward thoughts

And let reality prevail

Make your mind a temple

Where love and kindness dwell

Be at peace with yourself

Meditate in the silence

and seek the divine within.


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