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A Collection of Poems: Silence On The Move


Silence On The Move

Silence in the library

Snoozing books nestle in shelves,

Readers read but think out loud,

Their minds boom with knowledge,

But quietness creeps to the edge.

Silence on the train

Cold is the train when you feel alone,

No heat absorbed among self-absorbed passengers,

Across the crowd you catch a smile,

Your heart melts at the kindness of a stranger.

Silence is wisdom

We control the choices we make,

Silence ripens the fruit of wisdom,

Gives you time to taste,

Before you swallow freedom.

Silence is understanding

Silence clears the clouded mind,

Banishes the ego,

To obtain real insight,

Vanishes future rows.

Silence teaches strength

Don’t expect comfort like the breeze,

Silence is a subtle kindness,

Makes your heart adapt like sails,

To changing winds.

Silence appreciates the moment

Silence is a soft gaze,

At the birth of a moment,

Till the beauty fades,

But fragrance remains within.

© 2019 Li-Jen Hew

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