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Poem: She Is the Personification of Innocence

This poem is about innocence that is intrinsic in children. It is this quality that keeps them happy always happy. All they need is love.



She is Young she is a Perfect
She is Kind she is Sweet
She has a Pure heart, a Pure Soul
She is the Personification of Innocence.

She dreams without Fear
Her Talk is Music to the Ear
She loves Rainbows, She loves Unicorns
And she loves Songs and Ballet.

quote by Virginia Woolf

quote by Virginia Woolf

She is her Mother's Precious Jewel
And her Daddy's whole world
She is like Sunshine and Joy so Pure
Finds Magic in everything Around.

She laughs for no Reason
She has a mind of her Own
She knows what she Wants
And stands firm in her Choice.

She Acts all Grown Up
Does Everything by Herself
She Knows not her Innocence
Is charming by Itself.

Personification of Innocence

Personification of Innocence

She is as innocent as she Looks
Her smile lights up my Day
Her smart talk fills me with Wonder
My soul feels Healed and I thank God Every Day.

When life gets Hard
And I feel lost and Alone
Just her innocent Smile
Can make my troubles go Away.

She is my Princes, my Angel
She is a miracle, the light of my Eyes
Yes she is my Granddaughter
And I love her more than my Life.

I adore her smile, I cherish her Talk
I admire her kind Heart.
She is the greatest Gift
That I ever received from God.

FROZEN-Let it Go sing along-official-Disney UK-Her favorite Song


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