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Poem: Shadows

Nkundimana Dieudonne, is a bachelor of Social Sciences, Business Studies with Education at UR (University of Rwanda), college of education.



I’m caught at last,

I’m imprisoned finally,

I’m held hostage totally, It’s my reality now.

I’m no longer my own master but I am a slave of my master,

I forever thought I mastered it but I failed to figure it out,

That every step I took stepping in the road,

Heading in a dark but lit alley,

One look at it sent me on clouds and my steps quickened.




It’s an alley but it shines,

It’s shining and shimmering,

Never sending me shivers,

It’s my trophy after miles of run,

It’s this golden rainbow hard to search, see and reach,

But they say once you reach,

The adorned alley is my motivation,

Pushing me further to my destination,

Strengthening me in my ambitions,

Blind fording me along the way,

Constantly blurring my ears,

The alley disabled me.



Taking away my chance of sight,

In sighting me to loose all tracks,

The elegant alley destroyed me,

Destroyed my memory and vision,

Deleting the warning of alleys,

‘‘ Dark or light it’s an alley.’’



The more I run ahead,

The brighter it becomes,

The closer I got the blurrier,

I got at the last mile of the way,

I crossed the boarder,

Entered the alley,

Fall of golden trees with no roots and leaves,

My adorned alley filled with dark clouds,

Lacking the bright sun,

It’s always in the night or a dark cloudy day.



At times we need to be blind to see,

We need to forget to remember,

We need our wings cut to realise,

The reality that stands still that ‘‘all that shines is not the sun.’’



Finally I’m trapped,

I’m running in circles,

Hard it was to enter but impossible it’s to leave,

I’m trapped in my thoughts,

Mirages I created myself,

I’m caught in shadows,

Shadows of my vision,

Shadows of my aspirations,

If I knew never to aspire too high,

And if I knew to control my aspirations,

Simplicity was true elegance,

I would be elegant and free,

Instead I’m in a cell of my own shadows.

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