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Poem: Selenelion

Reading is a series of human emotions. Writing is the gift of sharing these emotions.


You're the star at the center of the cosmos;
You're the Sun.
I'm not a star nor a planet;
I'm the Moon.
I descend when you rise,
You ascend when I fall.
We will never meet 'cause we are star-crossed.

You shine,
And illuminate the earth.
I bring darkness
in the absence of your light.
'Cause you're the Sun,
And I'm the Moon,
And when you rise,
I fall.
We will never meet 'cause we are star-crossed.

When fate decides to be good,
I will shimmer.
And when that happens,
You and I will both be in the horizon.
In this phenomenal event,
On the night of the full Moon.
We will align ourselves with the Earth.

Until then,
While I'm not an eclipsed Moon,
We will never be in the sky at the same time.

© 2020 Shey Saints


Shey Saints (author) from Philippines on June 27, 2020:

Thank you.

Ankita B on June 27, 2020:

Such a beautiful poem Shey. I loved it.

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