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Poem-Seeking Forgiveness From Myself, My Children, and Mother Nature-Response to Brenda Arledge’s Word Prompt-Week 46

I love poetry. I am a lifestyle enthusiast and like to write articles and poems on lifestyle changes that benefit people.

Word Prompts Help Creativity-Week 46- “Forgiveness”

Brenda, our dear friend and a great poet herself encourages us to try creative writing by giving us word prompts every week. This week she gave us the word prompt ‘Forgiveness’. It is very difficult to forgive and forget someone who has hurt us. But forgiveness is necessary for our own peace of mind and health. Harboring negative thoughts about the person who hurts us only causes us more harm. But more important is forgiveness to oneself when we make bad choices, and mistakes. Thinking about our blunders again and again will only cause harm to our mental and physical health. On the other hand, when we learn to forgive ourselves and move on, we get inner peace and success. Hence forgiveness begins with forgiving oneself. My poem deals with three types of forgiveness. One is seeking forgiveness from myself, the other from my children and the third is from mother nature. Hope dear Benda and my other Hubber friends like it.

Forgiving Oneself

It is natural human tendency to obsess over our mistakes and faults. But when it interferes with our very thought process, it becomes difficult to manages. At such times we need to remind to forgive ourselves and try to make amends wherever possible. It is better to learn from our mistakes and move on. We cannot change the past however hard we try; we can only try to rectify the errors of the past or try not to repeat them and to ensure never to make the same blunder again.

Forgiveness is just another name for freedom.

— Byron Katie

Forgiveness to oneself is very important. Because only when we have the ability to forgive ourselves, can we get the strength to forgive others for the mistakes and the hurt they cause us. Holding on to negative feelings of guilt, regret and blame will get us nowhere. We should be grateful for the opportunity we get to learn invaluable lessons so that we may not get into such an unpleasant situation again. We can let go of these negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts of the good choices we have made, the successes achieved due to the choices. All the good things done will not be negated by one wrong decision.

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does change the future.

— Anonymous

Path of Forgiveness

Seeking forgiveness from the people who may have been hurt by our bad choices, releases us from the negative feelings of guilt, shame and regret. Ignoring things and thinking they will get rectified in time is not a good option. A sincere truthfully apology will never go waste. It will be accepted with grace and we get peace of mind and a sense of relief. Focusing our thoughts on helping and doing good to others, is healthy and healing. Self-hatred will only lead to more problems. Self-care and kindness to oneself will lead to a path of forgiveness which is needed to let go and to move on and also for our inner peace,

Forgiveness is the best form of love. It takes a strong person to say sorry and an even stronger person to forgive.

— Anonymous

Forgiveness by Mother Nature

The human race has disrespected mother nature in innumerable ways. We have taken for granted the abundant gifts given to us by her. We need to beg forgiveness from mother earth. She has sustained and nurtured the human race from ages, but we have never respected her and showed love to other creatures of her creation. We have exploited the resources, fought wars and ravaged the lands, disturbed the ecological balance in the name of progression. Mother nature treats all of her creation equally and protects them. When we learn to have compassion and learn to live in harmony with all living things in nature, we will be seeking forgiveness from nature.

Forgiveness keeps you from being bound by something the other person might never set right.

— Tony Evans

forgive and Move on

forgive and Move on

Poem-Seeking Forgiveness from Myself, My Children, and Mother Nature-Response to Brenda Arledge’s Word Prompt-Week 46-Forgiveness

I have realized that by replaying

a negative situation so dismaying

over and over again in my mind

I only become a captive of my past.

And by always reviewing and reliving

My mistakes I only keep thinking

what might have been, should have been

I need to release and let it go completely.

To move on, learn from my past mistakes

Make amends where I can, forgive myself

I want to offer compassion to my past self

S0 today I write myself a letter of forgiveness.

Today I wish to say to my children

forgive me if I have hurt you ever

The tortured me couldn’t do better

it was never a want of love for you

only a lack of love for myself.

I want to live a life free of guiltiness

To forgive myself for looking for kindness

in people who were full of themselves

By concentrating on the hurt caused

I only suffered more in this regard.

But when I considered it a lesson

it brought immense inner resolution

It helped me deal with my emotions

And led me in the path of forgiveness.

Causing millions of species extinction

We rejoice being in the path of progression

Now the situation is so precarious

We need to seek your forgiveness

And vow to dedicate ourselves to your preservation.