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Poem: Seeing the Big Picture

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Seeing the big picture is a poem about someone who cannot see the forest before the trees but the dust settles and she finally gets it. It's like she is on the outside looking in when a light comes on painting the whole picture before her eyes. She feels an emptiness inside.

"Can't See The Forest For The Trees - by Deke Dickerson "


Seeing the Big Picture

The dust settles,

her eyes see the forest

before the trees,

there is an emptiness

which no words can explain.

Each small detail comes to light,

painting the whole picture before her eyes

like being on the outside looking in,

a switch flips on

lighting up the clutter

buried in the darkness.

It's hard to see things when you're too close.

Take a step back and look

— Bob Ross

"Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly Now with lyrics"


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