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Poem: Season Bet


Poem: Season Bet

Spring is here,

Cherry blossoms fragrance and romance,

Surrounding pink in love,

Green grass growing jealous.

Golden days in the summer,

Bring nostalgic memories of,

Dusty bookcase, tickets for two,

A warm melody you hummed.

Autumn arrived,

Birds migrate,

Slow to fall withered leaves,

You stole time like a thief.

Recalling winter,

White snowballs grew suspicious,

Sliding into pitfalls and traps,

But survived the ice cold water.

Dear Season,

Although you could not stick with me for all seasons,

No apologies needed,

You must have your reasons.

I will never regret the short times spent with you,

I just hope you do not bet on spring, summer, autumn, winter,

Each season is rich but,

Invest in one only and you'll lose you.

I wish you beautiful beginnings in spring,

Fresh lemonade in summer,

Strength to move on in autumn,

And glimmering snowflakes in winter.

© 2021 Li-Jen Hew

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