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Poem: Sad Reflection of Humanity

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Sad reflection of Humanity is a poem about people being too quick to judge others. Appearances do not tell all. There can be a different story than the one you assume to know. Sometimes it is not the way it seems. A person can have a disability you can not see from outward appearances.

"Please People Don't Judge" by Temple Karl


Sad Reflection of Humanity

Mindless people have patronizing attitudes,
believing they are superior
belittling others with their actions,
with no thought of the hurt
they inflict.

No consideration of the battles
waging in another’s life,
ignorant to their capabilities,
judging them on outward appearance
perceiving there is nothing wrong.

Yelling at the top of their lungs
in ultimate disgust,
or giving dirty looks
to someone for parking in a handicap space,
when they appear to be fine.

Assuming one can work
to earn a living,
when their physical appearance
shows no reason,
not caring to understand
the pain one feels.

A sad reflection of humanity
exists within selfish hearts,
from those believing
they are better than others,
showing no empathy at all.

"Too Quick to Judge" by Time Vision directed by creativemaazk