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Poem: Sad Farewell

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.


Poem Summary

Sad farewell is a poem about how her mind is torn because she is leaving behind a place she has called home. It is filled with memories of love and sorrow.

Too fragile to remain she embarks on a new journey.

Her heart breaks with sadness. She fears the first steps of this unknown journey.

On a persnal note: It is so difficult to watch one get older.

The tears from her eyes broke my heart. I had not seen her cry before, but this moment was different.

She is leaving the place she has called home.

The following poem is written about these feelings.

"God Will Make A Way" by Don Moen


Sad Farewell

Her mind is torn
with the thought of leaving
a place so dear to her heart,
where cherished memories live.

A place where she raised a family,
with memories of love and sorrow
hiding in every corner of the wall,
a place her heart has called home
for so many years.

Her bones too fragile and frail,
tears fill her eyes
as she bids farewell,
embarking on a new path
she has no desire to travel.

A sorrowful moment of heartbreak,
embracing the fear of the unknown
with her fond memories.

She gains the strength
to greet her first step
of this unfamiliar journey.


"You Raise Me Up" by Selah


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