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Poem: Rebellion

My name is Candice Ballinger and I am a Christian woman who loves Jesus and his word.


Rebellion can be an expensive friend,

such company can douse you in sorrows

depleting your every move;

tearing you down,

sin after sin

landing you in a pit of great darkness,

leaving you blind and helpless

but someone is calling your name!

Abba is with you,

you need not be filled with dread,

He has eyes that can see through utter blackness,

so thick your eyes could never penetrate it

He will walk ahead of you,

making a way for you into the light

know that the light is you;

it lies within you

you just have to light the fire burning in your soul,

the flames that burn for Jesus

they illuminate the world

showing His favor over his children.

© 2022 Candice Ballinger

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