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Poem: 'Proof of Today'; What Is Proof? How Do We View and Represent 'Today'? Inspiration From Brenda's Word Prompts

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Ann loves to write poetry and also enjoys responding to prompts. A challenge is always interesting!

'Proof of Today'

Today – where is it?

Where does it lie in time?

When do we hear it chime?

Proof – what is it?

How do we know something’s true?

What do we see out of the blue?

Proof of today?

First glow on horizon wide,

double changes of time and tide.

The cycle of sun going up, coming down –

between? Nature’s rhythm like sunflowers’ turn.

Birds feast at dawn, build their nests in the shades,

Blackbird sings praises as light slowly fades.

We rise to face each new day, maybe smile,

hoping today renews faith, that each mile

will take us from dawn to the twilight of life

building todays full of joy, free of strife.

My View

Tomorrow becomes today. Today becomes yesterday. It sits in between the changes of the tide and time’s slow march.

Today means different things to each one of us. We might spend most of it at work. If retired, we might have a hobby, we might go off walking, we might meet our friends. Mornings can be hectic, evenings possibly relaxing. Then the weekend brings us ‘todays’ when we can choose how we pass them. There may be celebrations. Filling a day as best we can is the challenge, whatever situation we’re in.

Today I’m writing this, looking out of the window onto a garden drenched in sunshine, framed with swaying willows, decorated with lilac, roses, forget-me-nots, primroses… I could wax lyrical but that’ll do for now.

Proof, though; how does that fit ‘today’? How can we prove that this part of time, changing each second, is today? It is the pattern of life, the changing of the seasons, the calendar we’ve measured out, providing separate entities, each with a number, called ‘today’ in order to make some sense of the sun rising and falling, and the busyness in between.

Each day has a name, so a meaning in life. Each day is put into a week, a month, a year, so measured. We are comforted by these measurements which prove our own existence as we go from this today to the next and beyond.

"Today, I can make that dress. Today I can see my friend. Today I can write and listen to music."

Every one of us has a special day of the year, a birth day, to celebrate, to keep count of how many todays we've experienced. Does that count as wisdom? Do we make every today meaningful? Do we see them drifting past or do we make them count?

Today is the opposite of tonight, when darkness creeps in to shelter us, when we can sleep and rejuvenate.

It is light. It is to be lived, cherished in memories, maybe a few seconds captured in photos. Tomorrows become todays become the past. Cool, eh?

A Special Day!

Already?!! Don't even count how many 'todays' there have been!

Already?!! Don't even count how many 'todays' there have been!

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