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Poem- Proof of Divinity in Nature Inspired by Brenda Arledge’s Word Prompt

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divinity in nature

divinity in nature

Response to Brenda's Word Prompt

This is my response to Brenda’s word prompt 'Proof' for week 11. While I was contemplating on the different scenarios for this prompt, I came across a variety of excellent responses by our Hubber friends. I was impressed by the creativity of our friends and felt my own attempt inadequate. I was not sure I could meet the challenge this week. Nevertheless I decided to share my output since I had spent considerable thought and time on it and hope Brenda and my other Hubber friends will find it of interest.


Proof of Divinity in Nature

When we see the multiple forms of life and the harmony with which they live with each other, the perfect rhythm with which creation progresses, the interconnectedness, interdependent web of life, we are assured of a power behind all this, which we variously call as the Creator, God or Almighty and to whom we owe this experience called life and to whom we need to be thankful and grateful.

This poem is about connecting to the divine through nature and expressing our gratitude to divinity for this life. Being in the midst of nature and admiring its beauty, we can experience the the divine work at play.

golden sunrise

golden sunrise

The golden glow of the rising sun

The untainted air of dawn

The gentle caress of the breeze

Are proof of a creator divine.

A beautiful singing bird

Colorful wings of a butterfly

Green leaves on mighty trees

Fragrance of flowers in bloom

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

The melody of the river running by

The waves that dance on the shore

So much beauty around

Is proof he made them all.

The twinkling stars that brighten the night

And the moon glistening in all her glory

Nightingales singing a beautiful melody

All prove almighty’s artistry at work.



Sitting beneath the cool shade of the trees

Listening to the song of the birds

In the evening twilight

Gives me proof that I am alive.

Sometimes lying beneath stars

I thank God for this precious life

For every breath, for every moment

That proves that I am alive.

Céline Dion-I'm Alive (Official Video)


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