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Poem: Pretty Lies

My name is Candice Ballinger, and I am a published author and poet.


Pretty Lies

I obambulate through the mountains

strength begins to eventuate

rescuing me from my own hate,

the feel of this place;

it reminds me of home

dark and sullen

riddled with lost emotions,

how little I can take

the underwhelming pressure;

builds up inside of me

or her?

Is she me?

My mind is a vacant ubication

with many rooms and lonely halls

that lead to chaotic bliss,

rushing water fills the dips

splashing the electrical wires;

that live inside my head

shorting out the system,

starting fires that can never be contained

the fumes burn my nostrils;

making me want to sneeze

I am far from acumen,

forever an impulse control problem

always so glaikit and thoughtless,

I wander around these hills

pacing around shrubberies and trees,

I pick their leaves;

ripping them to pieces;

resembling my heart, you see

I too have been tattered,

broken and beaten

Such a baculine method,

it leaves me erubescent;

black and blue

what a way to live,

what a sickly hue.

© 2021 Candice Yates

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