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Poem: Poor Bullied Soul

Mark is a former therapist who turned writer when he moved to California. He writes poetry and stories with a satirical twist.


Victims of Bullying: Seeking Help and Staying Strong

School should be a place of learning and fond memories. But for some children, school is neither safe nor pleasant.

Bullying crosses all genders, ages, and socioeconomic groups. Its traumatic effects include depression, anxiety, suicide, poor school performance, behavior problems, physical symptoms, and can set the tone for a troubled adulthood.

The person who is bullied is afraid of exposing his or her tormentors or seeking help for fear of retaliation. With cyberbullying on the rise, and the current political climate that seems to accentuate racial and religious hatred, it has become an even worse problem. But the strength lies in the character of the victims. The victim needs to seek help (parents, school personnel, counselors, therapists) and to keep seeking help even if the first try has failed. Those who are bullied need to know that they will one day have their redemption, and not give up on themselves.

Please read Poor Bullied Soul and hear the reading on my YouTube video at the bottom of the page.

Poor Bullied Soul

He was the fat boy in the hall.

The kid no one wanted to know.

The kid that everyone liked to tease.

The boy who was laughed at

and poked in the chest;

the one who soiled his pants

and dropped to his knees.

He was the vulnerable one back then,

framed for setting off the fire alarm.

He was the kid that took the fall;

the one who got expelled

in the ninth grade

and never did graduate on time.

He was the fat boy in the hall

who used a rescue inhaler

during a game of kickball;

and never could jog around the track

with the rest of his class—

bent-over and out of breath.

He was the kid who got hit in the head

with a snowball,

whose Biology book thrown from a third story


He ate lunch by myself,

and took the long way home

to avoid getting jumped.

It’s a pity, the professionals said,

it was all in his head.

And even his parents

didn’t understand,

thought it was the weight

that was to blame.

No one could see

the fat boy within,

the strong character

that was about to bloom.

Once out of high school,

he’d earn a college degree, a Ph.D.,

that would evolve, change,

and make a poor, bullied soul

beautifully redeemed.

Poor Bullied Soul by Mark Tulin

© 2019 Mark Tulin

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