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Poem - Phubbing

No Cell Phones!


I am the breath that makes you breathe

I need to let go but you need to see

The ways that I am live beneath the frown

Lifting you up and denying the crown

I wish for hate, for blood, to see

The stare past death,

Once love

Sees me

I cannot fix

I cannot change

The chains reborn that I reclaim,

I catch the dove and hold its wings

Lament my will I must proclaim

In A I Be

To L the curse

Leaked bits of soul

Our hearts, minds, and true definition of friends

Incomplete sink down,

Alone morose a voice once shared

Regressed to pictorial linguistics

Regressed marriage, relationship,

Solitary echo of what was once paired.

The choice to teet or choose to speak

I plead to others who’s shadow fades

For progress has stripped which much be saved

Before throngs of hollow souls are washed away

Swept up,

Tossed and cast out by the seductive digital wave.

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