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Poem: Ordinarily Special


Sometimes ordinary is underappreciated so this poem acts as a tribute to ordinary things in life that we take for granted. I think it might help if you close your eyes and imagine an ordinary situation or place to bring a fresh perspective. You might be surprised to see it as nicer than before.

Status, fame and fortune may be the factors that we use as a benchmark to determine where we stand and how we perceive ourselves. Putting aside all that, can we appreciate the way we are? The rich and famous were nobodies. Nobodies become rich and famous.

If we are grateful for everything that we already have, this will save us from the hassle of comparing and wasting precious time.

Poem: Ordinarily Special

Dazzled by your reflection in a jewelled crown,

Forgetting the heaviness weighing you down,

A crown on your head does wonders,

But how long till wonderful you appear.

Ordinary is the magnificent blue sky,

Changing colours in the blink of an eye,

No recognition won these free favours,

Which need no ribbons, no wrapping papers.

© 2020 Li-Jen Hew

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