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Poem: One Water Fountain


The knowing sky glowed,

The breeze triumphantly blew,

As usual people went separate ways,

To go about their day.

Two different worlds,

Pulled together by one water fountain,

Like mountains lined side by side,

Trustingly threw coins inside.

Never have they crossed paths before,

But his words urged to escape from within,

And finally succeeded to be seen,

Beautiful, will you stay by my side forevermore?

Her unbeatable mind was thinking,

His sweet words hold empty meaning,

Only possessed by the insane,

What it takes to be a pain.

The sky saddened and it rained,

She left the mistaken man thereafter,

But something in the air made her,

Take one last look at the man in shame.

Like clueless corners they came to know,

Borders blurred,

Feelings grow,

One world they sowed.

Nothing could collapse,

Their foundation of love,

And turn it to quicksand,

They forever walk hand in hand.

Poem Meaning

The poem shows how a man and a woman from different parts of the world found themselves falling in love on a day of throwing coins into a water fountain. The water fountain is significant because all of us have different backgrounds, religions and cultures but the water fountain brings people together because of wishes and dreams. Just like how food brings people together. However, I do not mention what the two of them wished for when they threw their coins but some of you may think they wished for a happy love life.

The first stanza means that the sky and breeze already knew that this marked the first day of their romance and celebrated as indicated by "knowing" and "triumphantly". Only the sky and breeze took notice but I mentioned that other people do their own thing to really bring the focus onto the two strangers. This hints at how they are like the busy people but will unite as a couple later on: "one world they sowed".

The woman actually found herself falling for the man which is why there was "something in the air". I actually meant "love in the air" but hope that it left you hanging. It was only her mind thinking how idiotic the man was but she felt different inside. The man naturally loved her at first sight.

Unexpectedly, the two strangers met again. I used "clueless corner” to mean unexpectedly because corners do not meet and appear to hide away from the centre of attention. Meeting again and learning more about each other's culture are indicated by "blurred borders" and also, coming from different parts of the world does not stop them from loving each other.

© 2018 Li-Jen Hew