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Poem: Not Willing To Let Go

Poem Summary

Not willing to let go is a poem about wishing time could spin in reverse.

She holds on tight, pleaing with the universe to leave everything the way it is.

Her heart bleeds when she sees herself in the mirror standing all alone.

She wants to wake up from this nightmare starting the day over.

"Foreigner - Until The End Of Time"



Not Willing To Let Go

Holding on tight

to the straw that breaks the camels back,

not willing to let go,

wanting time to spin in a reverse.

On bended knee

sending prayers to heaven's gate,

wishing upon the first star of the night,

tossing a coin in the well,

desperately hoping the universe will hear her plea.

Searching for a way

to stop her heart from bleeding,

losing her way

in an ocean made of tears,

as an emptiness embraces her heart

when she glances in the mirror

seeing herself standing all alone.

She wants to to wake up from this nightmare,

to start the day over

with his arms wrapped snuggly around her,

not willing to let go.

"George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today"


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