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Poem: Not Man Enough

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Not man enough is about a man who is afraid when the one he loves becomes ill. He fears her dying and feels like he is trapped inside a cage with no way out. He turns into someone she doesn't recognize with a heart full of anger. He leaves them stranded with no way back into each other's arms.

"Let Them Go" by Madea


Not Man Enough

She is trying
with every bit of her strength
to recover from her illness
but he is afraid,
fearing he might find her
lying helpless on the floor.

His intense fear misleds his mind,
believing he is helplessly caged
with no way to escape,
each time he looks into her eyes
he feels like he's less than a man,
as he wonders why he is staying
when he's not strong enough to hold on.

He turns into someone
she doesn't recognize,
a person with no heart
who uses anger to cover his pain,
who flees into the arms of another
instead of confessing his undying love.

Leaving them both stranded
feeling lost and alone,
realizing they can no longer turn back,
for their time together is gone,
they cannot undue what is done.


Nothing will knock you down quicker than offering the best of yourself to someone and it still not being good enough.

— M W Poetry

"Not Man Enough" by Jim Diamond


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