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Poem No. 9

I miss you

I fell in love with you so hard,

that’s my strongest card,

that I always play,

when from demons I can’t get away.

You are my light,

in every dark night,

shining more than a sun and a moon,

I hope, I’ll see you soon.

I know it’s just seven days,

seven different ways,

to get over my sadness,

in my head it’s madness,

there is no more my happiness,

I’m just a pawn in ,,God vs devil’s­’’ chess.

I can’t sleep,

minds on you awake me keep.

I ask myself, are you okay,

do you have thoughts grey,

every night for you I pray.

This is my hardest week,

my heart sick,

tears I lick,

trying right song to pick.

I’m just so fucking lost,

walking along the coast,

through the darkness,

asking questions,

demon from ocean,

I’m trying to eat my emotions.

I can’t anymore,

asking God to open me a door,

but noone is there,

nobody fucking care,

I don’t know anymore where,

I see some angel light I swear,

now I’m spitting blood,

to stop me, don’t you dare.

You weren’t here when I need it,

so just beat it.

Thank you, but I don’t need anyone else,

I’m waiting for my princess of Wales,

she is my real love,

but, she is just too far.

I just want to feel your beautifuls lips,

of tenderness and chocolate mix.

I miss you honey,

my sweet, lovely bunny.

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